Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a part of the job for Marriage and Family therapists. In recent years, sexual problems have evolved into a whole new breed. As always, teenagers may cross the line with being too free with their sexuality, and couples may struggle with infertility, desire differences, or sexual dysfunction of some sort. New to the scene, is the amount of sexual addiction due to the availability of the internet. Pornography has never been so available, to so many.

I understand that sex is a sensitive subject. I assist people in being able to openly discuss problems, including sex. I have heard it all, and do not judge or become shocked, embarrassed, or offended by the sensitive discussions involved in sex therapy.

How do you help with infertility?

Sadly, infertility affects one in six couples these days. In spite of the many medical advances, infertility is often a great frustration for couples who experience it. In fact, when a couple has trouble conceiving, the blame game is a tempting venture. Medical doctors will search to find possible causes, in order to offer possible solutions. Often, medical intervention is successful with this problem. Whether or not the goal of conceiving is reached, the stress of the process, and wealth of difficult and sometimes morally challenging decisions can be overwhelming. Dr. Austin, as a psychologist, can help couples not just survive, but thrive as they navigate the slippery slopes of infertility treatment.

What about sex problems in a marriage?

There are several potential problems in the sexual relationship for married couples. The most frequent concern is desire differences. While one person wants more, another wants less. Sometimes, the problem is a functional one. Other times, it is emotional baggage, lack of intimacy, or the need to overcome an infidelity. Whether premature ejaculation, inhibited orgasm or ejaculation, emotional issues, or general pain associated with the sex act, problems in a couple’s sex life are not uncommon, and certainly, are treatable. Differences in sexual appetite, uncertainty about what is acceptable for each, and hang-ups from the past, are all potential pitfalls in marriages today. Help is available.

Do you help with same-sex attraction problems?

The world of sexual identity is confusing. Homosexuality is a daily word in our society today. People have strong feelings and are often politically motivated over sexual identity. Reparative therapy is one term used for helping those with an unwanted struggle with homosexuality. Some people struggle with thoughts and feelings of a homosexual nature, that is against their values. When those people ask for help, it is my position, that help should be available. I have been around programs helping those with SSA (same sex attraction) for many years. I have seen many people deal successfully with sexual identity, so that their lives, and minds, are in accordance with their values. I have no mission to change people, and do not seek out people with this issue to change. I do not actively use the term “reparative therapy” or “conversion therapy”, as I have always worked with hurting people. I am able to hear people where they are, and help them consider their futures. If you, or your loved one is struggling with sexual identity, help is available.

Is there such a thing as too much sex?

Some would laugh at the concept of too much sex, and yet, it really is a problem, for some. Sex Addiction is the term often used to describe the issue of too much emphasis on, and need for sexual stimulation. Pornography and compulsive masturbation are the fast tracks to sex addiction. Often, sex addiction is the forerunner to sexual deviance. Pitfalls are many and so available in our world of technology. The internet has made the struggle with porn and deviance so much more available, and much more difficult to resist. There is help.

How does sex therapy work?

As you might imagine, sex is not the subject most couples talk about freely. Therapy is different from normal relationships. It is designed to be a safe place to discuss difficult and private matters. Sex therapy involves finding common ground for a couple regarding their desires and differences. It is an investment in the future for your marriage.


***As with any psychological disorder, do not consider information found on the internet sufficient in diagnosing or managing your condition. It can be used to find appropriate treatment from a healthcare professional. If in need of help, please call Dr. Austin at 972-986-0150, or if an emergency, always call 911.

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