Job / Vocational Stress

Work can be the best or even the worst part of your day. Ideally, work is where you want to go, when it is time, and where you’re able to leave, on time. It can be something that gives you satisfaction at knowing you are a part of something good. It can be a lot of who you are.

Sometimes, work is the source of your stress. It is something you dread, don’t enjoy, and think about much longer than the workday. Those who are employed or working full time, spend more than half of their waking time, working, or going to or from work. That is too much time, for dissatisfaction and negative stress.

Listed below are some of the things people often report as frustrations in their work world. Some have trouble with responsibility, some are not satisfied, still others experience conflict or great stress. Whatever the reason for your job dissatisfaction, you are the one with the key to something better. Check the list below to determine the level of your work related stress.

• Unfriendly attitude among co-workers.
• Job responsibilities are in conflict with your values/judgment
• Conflicts among demands from superiors
• Can’t turn down overtime or additional work responsibilities
• Too much supervision
• Expectations are not attainable
• Private life suffering due to work requirements
• Not enough skills or authority to do the job asked
• Not enough feedback from supervisor/boss
• Too much criticism from supervisor/boss
• Unhappy with amount of sick/personal time
• Work is too hard physically
• Coworkers don’t do their share of the work
• Overqualified for your job
• Too much free time
• Not enough challenge in your work day
• Not happy with your future at work
• Bored at work
• Unhappy with salary/wages
• Job security is poor
• Time pressure is too great
• Not sufficient breaks or lunch
• Work does not satisfy your values
• Not recognized for ability or job well done (top)

If your review of this list confirms your dissatisfaction with your job situation, it is time to get help and make a change. Change may be about how you think or feel, or may be about the actual job. Therapy can help if your goals are to improve job satisfaction, gain a sense of confidence and competence at work, improve assertiveness, problem solve issues with coworkers or supervisors, or develop a new plan for employment.

***As with any psychological disorder, do not consider information found on the internet sufficient in managing your condition. The internet can be used to find treatment from a healthcare professional. If you need help, please call Dr. Austin at 972-986-0150, or if an emergency, always call 911.