Grief & Loss

Normal grief is no fun. Emotions and thoughts are a blur sometimes, and pain is almost inevitable. The stages of grief seem to apply to almost any kind of loss. They may occur in any order, and any one stage may take a turn more than once. The stages, as generally accepted, include:


• Denial & Isolation
• Anger
• Bargaining
• Depression
• Acceptance
• Hope (sometimes exists through all the others)


• Loss: death, divorce, trauma, change, abandonment, break-up, legal, jobs,
• Strong Emotional Response surrounding loss
• Indications of Depression
• Lack of appetite
• Nightmares or Sleep Problems
• Restlessness
• Inability to concentrate
• Physical ailments
• Loss of energy
• Loss of Interest in Usual Activities
• Behavioral Decline
• Drop in grades or work performance
• Increase in Angry Outbursts
• Emotional Neediness or Distance
• Excessive Guilt

The degree to which one grieves is dependent on various factors. Factors include: the degree of the emotional bond, the type of loss, one’s personality, previous losses, timing, prior knowledge of the loss, sense of fairness, faith, and family or social support. When someone’s grief looks like depression and endures for more than two months, help is needed. When grieving goes on and on and interferes with one’s functioning at work or school, help is needed. Sometimes, therapy is helpful in providing a safe place to talk about the loss and plans for the future, even in the midst of the loss. If you, or someone you know is grieving, and in need of professional support, contact myself or another mental health professional.

***As with any psychological disorder, do not consider information found on the internet sufficient in diagnosing or managing your condition. It can be used to find appropriate treatment from a healthcare professional. If in need of help, please call Dr. Austin at 972-986-0150, or if an emergency, always call 911.

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