Child & Adolescent Therapy

Parenting, while rewarding and a privilege, can be a challenging task. Therapy is indicated when problems at home or school stress either the child or the family to the point of interference with daily functioning. The parent, or the child may determine the need for therapy.

How do you treat children or teens?

Therapy for issues regarding children and teens is often a short-term event. Depending on the issues involved, treatment may be done with the child alone, or as a family. Often, the session is split, with some time as a family, and some with an individual or couple. Sometimes, play therapy is indicated for young children.

What help is available with school problems?

With regard to school problems, Dr. Austin has helped mediate between the family and school regarding ARD (Admission, Review and Dismissal) meetings, 504 (similar to ARD) meetings, teacher conferences, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Gifted and Talented consults, and behavior management. Common concerns with children and teens at school involve social conflict, academic performance or grades, and conduct. Dr. Austin can be an advocate for the child and family with the school. She can also help the school in dealing with difficult children and families.

What is Dr. Austin’s experience with children & teens?

Dr. Karla Austin has a bachelors degree in Elementary Education, a masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She has written and spoken on issues of parenting, self-esteem, sleep, love & logic, blended family issues, ADHD, teaching, sexuality, and more.

What disorders in children do you treat?

• ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) (top)
• Conduct Disorder
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder
• Asperger’s Syndrome
• Learning Disorders
• Substance Related Disorders
• Gender Identity Disorders
• Adjustment Disorders
• Abuse Recovery
• Sexual Disorders
• Parent-Child Relational Problem
• Sibling Relational Problem

In addition to the specific disorders listed above, some frequent problems with children and teens include:

• Adoption Issues
• Pornography Use
• Sexual acting out
• Same Sex Attraction or struggles with homosexuality
• Boundaries and limits with car, phone, friends, and curfew
• Homework and grades
• Respect of parents and siblings

Determining when professional help is needed for your child or teen can be difficult. Some common indicators of a child or teen in crisis include:

• Significant negative change in school performance
• Signs of substance use
• Inability to cope with day-to-day routine
• Dramatic change in eating or sleeping habits
• Rise in physical complaints
• Indications of apathy or abuse toward people or animals
• Pattern of opposition to authority
• Illegal, illicit, or antisocial behavior (e.g., truancy, vandalism, lying, theft…)
• Self esteem struggles related to appearance, ability, or worth
• Signs of excessive depression or anxiety as compared to peers
• Suicidal threats or preoccupation with death or suicide
• Runaway threats or behavior
• Requests for professional help
• Withdrawal from friends and family
• Parental frustration with lack of control or respect (top)

***As with any psychological disorder, do not consider information found on the internet sufficient in diagnosing or managing your condition. It can be used to find appropriate treatment from a healthcare professional. If in need of help, please call Dr. Austin at 972-986-0150, or if an emergency, always call 911.

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