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Dr. Karla Austin is trained as a Counseling Psychologist and as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has been trained in the use of numerous psychological assessments, vocational assessments, and measures of personality and ability, and interest. She provides assessment in her current practice for a variety of purposes. Some are listed below:

Psychological Evaluations – A psychological evaluation would include some combination of testing to answer a question regarding a client’s psychological health. Dr. Austin is able to do testing for adults, teens, and children.

ADHD Evaluations – An evaluation for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) may vary depending on the source requesting information and the purpose of the information requested. Dr. Austin’s dissertation was in the area of ADHD. She is well informed about this condition and how to properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat it, when necessary.

Adult ADHD – An evaluation for adults includes a look back at their childhood. This may include an interview with parents, discussion with the adult being evaluated, or even a formal assessment regarding memory of that time. Also, some testing may be involved to help with ruling out other possible diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, or personality disorders. ADHD is often misinterpreted in adults for Bipolar disorder or Depression.

ADHD in Children – Often, assessments will be used to gather information from parents and teachers to help in an accurate diagnosis with children. Additionally, other testing may be necessary in ruling out other reasons for behavior appearing to reflect ADHD. Sometimes what appears to be ADHD is entirely something else. Some of the other explanations for behavior similar to ADHD include: life circumstances, diet, depression, allergies, anxiety, lack of discipline, Bipolar Disorder, and chemical use. A psychologist with experience in this disorder and the current research in the field will be most helpful in an accurate diagnosis of ADHD.

Pre-Surgery Evaluations – Bariatric surgery or “Lap Band” surgery is sometimes performed for individuals with severe obesity. Psychologists may play a role in this process, either by the request of the Lap-Band candidate, or the surgeon. The Lap-Band patient may seek the help of a psychologist in preparation for bariatric surgery, or post-surgery, to manage the behavioral and psychological effects associated with this dramatic life change.

Some bariatric surgeons require a preoperative psychological evaluation of surgery candidates in order to screen for significant psychopathology and to prepare candidates for the many lifestyle changes expected after surgery. Some surgeons require psychological evaluations to determine eligibility for surgery, to determine the likelihood they will follow through with the strict regimen following the surgery. Some surgeons require some proven weight loss and diet regimen be established prior to surgery. Still other surgeons require psychological evaluations only for candidates with a positive psychiatric history. Bariatric surgery practitioners are clear on one point: the most effective clinical intervention available to manage morbid obesity is bariatric surgery, together with medical follow-up and behavioral aftercare.

Pre-Employment Assessment – Prior to hiring, some employers request evaluations of individuals to rule out significant psychopathology and determine personality styles that may or may not be consistent with the job needed. The specific assessments will be determined by the questions asked.

Forensic Evaluations – Forensic psychology is the application of psychological knowledge to problems encountered in the legal system. This involves a review of records, information, and sometimes, individual interviews. Assessment may be of records alone, or may involve formal or informal testing of the client being evaluated. Dr Austin has provided expert witness testimony in both civil and criminal cases. (top)

***As with any psychological disorder, do not consider information found on the internet sufficient in diagnosing or managing your condition. It can be used to find appropriate treatment from a healthcare professional. If in need of help, please call Dr. Austin at 972-986-0150, or if an emergency, always call 911.

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