Anger Management

About 20 percent of the general population has levels of hostility high enough to be dangerous to their health. Anger can be the source of problems in a marriage, family, or at work. Many legal problems have anger associated with them, and anger management ordered as a part of the treatment. Anger management treatment can occur in a group, or in individual therapy.

Dr. Karla Austin has helped many clients with anger issues. She worked with anger management in the men’s prison system. She conducted anger management with groups of inmates helping them deal with the anger they held both toward others and themselves. She has helped individuals damaged by their own, or another’s anger, move toward more satisfying and safe relationships. Whether help with anger is legally mandated, pushed by a spouse or family member, or sought for personal motives alone, progress is possible and does not require long-term treatment.

Some say anger is managed through expression. Some say anger is wrong. Some say anger is not their fault. Others deny ever having any. Dr. Austin says anger is hurtful and destructive, when allowed to grow. She believes anger is the emotion fueled by an attitude of cynicism, and sometimes leading to aggression. She helps clients understand their anger, adjust their thinking, and find control over their responses to feelings of anger.

• Adrenaline
• Stressful Event
• Triggering Thoughts

• PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS (fueled by Adrenaline)
• Increased diastolic blood pressure
• Body heat
• Increased heart rate
• Muscles tensed (top)

• Hurt
• Fear
• Disappointment

• STRESSFUL EVENTS (just a few):
• Physical conditions like being hungry, cold, tired, or hurt
• Hurt by criticism or rejection
• Unjust and unfair treatment by others
• Loss of freedom or control
• Disappointment in others who don’t measure up to your expectations.

• Triggering Thoughts:
• Demanding thoughts
• Dramatic thoughts
• Blaming thoughts.

• A choice- an act of free will
• A process- forgiveness takes time
• A key to a more free and joyful life

The more tolerance and acceptance you gain in life, the more enjoyment you will know. There is no replacement for the power of forgiveness. (top)

***As with any psychological disorder, do not consider information found on the internet sufficient in managing your condition. The internet can be used to find treatment from a healthcare professional. If you need help, please call Dr. Austin at 972-986-0150, or if an emergency, always call 911.

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